Terra Piloti Motori, born under the aegis of 2 wheels, promoting motorcycle tourism, from the 2021 has extended its promotional activity

also al world of cars and the sports disciplines connected to it within the Marche Region .

Partnership and incentive agreements have been signed with entities, organizers and associations operating in this sector in order to

support the movement with appropriate promotional actions. This initiative is curated for TPM by

Alessandro RinolfI, Pesaro, active driver in uphill competitions reserved for historic cars, award-winning in its ten-year activity.

Below are the first initiatives carried out during the current year.

Others will come!



The Lighthouse Cup, is born, or rather it is reborn later 20 and more years since the last edition, in 2018 as a national uphill speed race reserved for Historic Cars in the evocative route of the San Bartolo overview.

The race was wanted and conceived by the passionate driver from Pesaro Alessandro Rinolfi, with multiple titles of vintage cars both on the track and uphill, assisted by a group of equally passionate from the Marches made up of organizers and pilots, I decided to relaunch a race that was so successful in the 1970s.

The last edition of the Faro Cup was held on 28 May of 1970 and saw the victory of the Sicilian specialist Pietro Lo Piccolo with the Ferrari Dino. The current path follows the historical one of 3,800 Km, climbing from the suggestive Baia Flaminia, up to the lighthouse overlooking the port of Pesaro, a technical and fast mix to drive. The race is scheduled for the month of October of each year.

From the edition 2019 the race received an important recognition that of the maximum validity of the Italian Championship CIVSA and the double validity for the “Challenge Salita Piloti Autostoriche” and the A.N.C.AI Trophy has also been reconfirmed., “Hill Climb Classic”.

The patronage of the Municipality of Pesaro is fundamental in the organization, of the San Bartolo Park Authority, Department of Wellness, Pesaro-Urbino Province, “WE Pesaro” European city of sport, Unicef, Rotary Club Pesaro Rossini. In addition to sectoral institutions, as ACI Pesaro-Urbino, Moto Club “Tonino Benelli” and obviously TPM


The Scarfiotti Trophy was born to remember the famous pilot Lodovico Scarfiotti, the great motoring champion who won two European mountain titles (1962 e 1965), important endurance races (24 Le Mans hours, 12 ore in Sebring, 1000 km of Monza, 1000 km of the Nurburgring) and also a Formula race 1 in Monza in 1966 on Ferrari. This remains to this day the last victory of an Italian driver in the Italian Grand Prix of the highest formula.

Lodovico died prematurely and tragically, in an accident in Germany, on June 8 1968, a Rossfeld, driving a Porsche 910. The pilot from the Marches, grandson of Giovanni Agnelli, it is therefore celebrated in the best way, with this time trial named after him.

The first edition of Sarnano-Sassotetto dates back to 1969, the year following his death and the race was regularly held until the mid-eighties, with tricolor validity and four editions valid for the European Championship (1977/1979/1981/1983). Despite the long organizational interruption that lasted over twenty years, the Macerata Automobile Club strongly wanted to take over the sports project and with the collaboration of the Municipal Administration of Sarnano and some local enthusiasts in the 2008, made it possible to restart the organizational machine for a event of national importance, arrived in 2021 in its 30th edition.

The race is now held on a path updated from the edition 2021, extremely demanding and very technical about 10 km., on which the cars of the best champions whiz and the emotions of the lovers of the four wheels of then and today are ignited. The double tricolor validity, both for the Italian Modern Car Championship that for Historic cars, the only event of its kind on the peninsula, testifies to the quality of the race and of the organizational staff, who has the full confidence of Acisport, at the helm of national activity.

L’ Albo d’Oro della Sarnano-Sassotetto / Scarfiotti Trophy includes the best mountain specialists such as Domenico Scola, Austrian Karl Reisch, the multiple champion Mauro Nesti (nine hits), he francese Jean-Louis Bos, the German Rolf Goering, Ezio Baribbi, Franco Cinelli and the most recent protagonists Domenico Scola junior e Simone Faggioli, 15 times champion of Italy. Stefano Di Fulvio's three wins and Stefano Peroni's two stand out in the historic car race.


The international circuit CogisKart is among the most important in Europe and has hosted countless races but also today's great champions who, started from the world of karting, they quickly became true legends!

The circuit is located in Corridonia (MC) has a width ranging from 8 ai 10 meters and a total length of the asphalted section of 1.050 meters.

It has a large covered grandstand for the public , pressroom, time detection system and a large paddock area, as well as food service and other technical facilities. Much appreciated by drivers, it is often a place of tests and tire tests.

Also at the track there is a shop with many spare parts and competent staff available to help and advise both in the choice and in the purchase.

In addition to the competitions on the calendar, lessons of Federal Karting School, reserved for children by 6 ai 8 years aimed at those who want to embark on a karting journey.

They can also be played at the kart track Driving courses for novice drivers with targeted exercises, in small groups or individually to learn how to correctly assess potential hazards while driving, to manage critical situations and to have control of the vehicle in every situation.

On some days it is possible to reserve the entire system for challenges between friends, and a kart with steering wheel controls is also available for people with disability

And after experiencing the thrill of speed, how about taking a few tours in the Marche to relax with our beauties ?


The race had its first edition in 1962. The time trial “Ascoli – S. Marco” valid for the Italian Cup and from then to the present day it has taken place without interruption thanks to the commitment made by the Automobile Club of Ascoli Piceno and in particular for the love that the presidents Paolino Teodori, Seraphim Panichi, Innocenzo Cenciarini, Emidio Cappelli and Elio Galanti demonstrated for car competitions.

The first edition had the starting tapes in the built-up area of ​​the city of Ascoli Piceno, from Viale Marconi, where a large audience thronged on the sidewalks of the avenue to admire the racing cars that left to face the original Km. 10,800.

In 1997 there was the shift of the departure on plateau of Colle S. Marco arriving in S. Giacomo and dispute of the race in two heats with sum of times, given the need to safeguard the safety of the public and pilots, the continuous technical innovations of cars and engines and the increase in speeds that recommended making the necessary and necessary changes to the track.

The current path measures beyond 5 km and has an average slope of about 7,55%. In mid-June of each year, the Pianoro di San Marco is filled with pilots, cars and enthusiasts for a major competitive event.

The race as well as for the Italian Hill Climb Championship is valid for FIA Climb European Championship, fully returning to the “gotha” of national car competitions and climbing the ranking of European consensus

You want to remember, Furthermore, that the race was at the forefront in the field of competitions related to experimental technologies, with the organization in 1992 of the FIA ​​Cup, reserved to electro solar vehicles.


The Adriatic Rally was born in 1994 come “Rally del Mobile”, while the current name dates back to edition number three of 1996, when the ... "mobile" was abandoned, to take the race to new paths.

The rally intended to breathe new life into the special stages, exclusively on dirt roads, that dotted the province of Pesaro, used and then abandoned by the rallies of San Marino and Sanremo world. The name "Mobile" was chosen to characterize the race and associate it with the driving economic activity in those years in the Pesaro area.

After a few years the race left the Pesaro dirt roads to land in other areas of the Adriatic coast, such as Fano, Ancona, Senigallia, Numana, with new routes and new special stages, always keeping the quality of the race high, trying not to disregard the expectations of those who run.

From 2011 the rally took place in Cingoli (MC). L’ The organizer had chosen the Marche town as the local administration has proven itself, immediately, excited to host and support the race, over time it has become vital for the local economy and a flagship for the tourist promotion of the places. The event is valid for the Italian Rally Terrain Championship.

Parallel to the CIRT tender, after the Rally, another event is held in Cingoli, the "Ronde Balcony of the Marche “Which then changed its name starting from 2018 in the current Rally of the Marche. Its competitions usually take place in the months of May and November.

The edition 2022 will return to Pesaro, ad Urbino, for off-road vehicles and “side by side” and will also inaugurate the 5th zone Rally Cup, for off-road vehicles and “side by side” and will also inaugurate the 5th zone Rally Cup, for off-road vehicles and “side by side” and will also inaugurate the 5th zone Rally Cup, for off-road vehicles and “side by side” and will also inaugurate the 5th zone Rally Cup.

The radical change of location was carried out by PRS GROUP with a view to further growth of the event, The radical change of location was carried out by PRS GROUP with a view to further growth of the event, an important and significant renewal that looks to the future of the race itself. for an interesting start of the Italian Land Rally Championship, The radical change of location was carried out by PRS GROUP with a view to further growth of the event, with new and challenging paths.

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