The new guide on motorcycle touring is born, 15 itineraries to discover a region

Come and discover your itinerary in our new guide MARKET, MOTORCYCLE EMOTIONS.

From north to south we traced 15 itineraries especially for bikers, all designed to discover the Marche region on two wheelsand under the banner of quality tourism.

The Marches represent one of the heritages of art and beauty richest in the world, it is no coincidence that they are called “Italy in a region”.

They are full of little ones ancient villages, of unique wines and flavours, of roads and breathtaking views of each class: sea ​​hills and mountains.

A true paradise for those who love to travel on their motorbike, alone or in the company of friends who share the same passions……

Give her cost with a stupendous sea where cliffs naturally intersperse, sandy or pebbly beaches and wild bays, sweet and sweet hills dominated by sinuous curves and covered by precise and geometric lines that circumscribe the cultivated fields, until arriving at the Apennines with roads that wedge between woods endless and medieval villages marked by a history secular.

To make itineraries, we spent 28 h and 13' on two wheels with the helmet on his head and path 1319 km under the sun, the rain, even with snow and fog, between the spring scents and the orange colors of autumn because only in this way could we transfer certain emotions to our travel diaries grouped in a single publication.


A thank you goes to Confcommercio of Pesaro Urbino – North Marches in the person of Amerigo Varotti who for years has believed in the editorial projects of Theta Editions and with which Terra Piloti e Motori, in the person of Raffaella Rossini, passionate and experienced rider, curve after curve, he also wanted to tell the Marches in this way.

The presentation of the new guide took place at Milan the 14 February 2023 on the occasion of BIT at the stand of Marche region, reaping the deserved success.


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